Secret To Success

Have you heard anybody say or maybe you too have said it; if I just can lay my hands on 10 million then I would be able to fund the project I have always been dreaming to start, if only my proposal of 2 million can be granted, then I would launch out big time in business.

Taking a few lines from the great book acres of diamond, it says and I quote

“it makes a person weak to see these little dudes standing around the corners and saying; oh, if I had plenty of capital, how rich I would get. Young man, do you think you are going to get rich on capital? “Certainly”. Well I say, Certainly not”. If your mother has plenty of money, and she will set you up in business, you will “set her up in business” supplying you with capital.

The moment a young man or woman gets more money than he or she has grown to by practical experience, that moment he has gotten a curse. It is no help to a young man or woman to inherit money.”

So what is the real capital we all need to set out in our endeavours and plans you ask, that capital is YOU. The capital you need to start that business, to launch that project or whatever is you. I will break down this by telling you what makes up the “YOU” capital.

1) Relationships

One of the greatest capitals you can ever have in life is your network of friends. Like the usual saying goes “your network determines your networth”. People are a fundamental part of our lives for wherewithal you cannot reach another can. Peter, James and John could never have experienced the transfiguration if Jesus did not take them up with him; simply put there are levels of success we cannot achieve if someone does not take us there or show us the way there, it could be through a book, a song, a movie, a talk or whatever but it takes one to lead and guide another.

We need mentors, friends, acquaintances, we sure need relationships in terms of a wide circle of friends and sure you are on your way to attaining success if you do make use of them because it is one thing to have friends it is another to call and ask for their help. Don’t laminate your friends and people that God has placed around you, maximise them and get the best of them from them and keep moving.

What kind of relationship are you building???

2) Character

Character is defined as the set of qualities that makes somebody distinctive especially somebody’s qualities of mind and feeling. It is the quality that makes somebody interesting or attractive, it is your reputation. Have a great character and you are sure on your part to success.

Your character sums up your integrity, your trustworthiness, your view of life, your sense of judgement, how you relate etc. and all these makes up how you are viewed by others. The saying goes that your “credibility determines your credit value”. If you go to someone to borrow you money, what does he look at, how credible is he, would he return my money. Isn’t it interesting that banks go to people like Donald Trump and the rest of them to loan them money while a lot of the rest would apply and even get turned down, you know why; they trust him and they aren’t sure of you.

How is your character, how credible are you, can you be trusted, what aroma do you send out, good or bad, take note because it determines your capital level in your journey to success.

3) Ideas

They say ideas rule the world. A simple story is told of John Jacob Astor. He came to New York with nothing in his pocket. He then got a mortgage on a millinery store but he could not sell bonnets enough to pay the interest on his money. So he foreclosed that mortgage and went back in partnership with the new owners of the store, he did not give them a dollar of capital. Then he would leave them alone in the store and he went out and sat down on a bench in the park in the shade. What was he doing, as he sat on that bench he was watching the ladies as they went by; and where is the man who would not get rich at that business? As he sat on the bench if a lady passed him with her shoulders back and head up, and looked straight ahead, then he studied her bonnet and by the time she is out of sight, he knew the shape of the frame, the colour of the trimmings and the crinkling in the feather and then he went back to the store to get it made. He did not have a hat or a bonnet in his show window but what some lady liked before it was made up. In no time the millions started rolling in, John Astor didn’t give any money to enter into the partnership but he had a great idea.

What is your big idea? Problems loom in the world around us, from telecommunication to shelter to food to security to waste management etc., all you need to do is provide a solution to a problem, all you have to do is have an idea and the world would beat a path to your footstep.

You sure need to keep seeking knowledge by reading, attending seminars etc. and keeping yourself abreast with the latest development and latest opportunities around you. For what you need is not copper cent, what you do need is common sense.


~ by osideinde adewale on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Secret To Success”

  1. “…for what you need is not copper cent, what you need is common sense…”
    On Point! Indeed the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. Because when all is said and done, it all comes down to what you make of your life.

    NIce post!

  2. Great words, inspiring words, i will hold on to this fact. Hopin 2 c more post.

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