Farewell ’09…

Wow…2009 is finally coming to an end but before it ends I must say that this year has been my best ever. I was privileged to lead an organization, I worked with a group of talented guys to organize a seminar that brought in 9 speakers to O.A.U, Ile Ife and had close to 400 people in attendance, I travelled in a plane for the first time, I met new people and connected better to old friends, got a mentor from whom I have learnt a whole lot, was a blessing to many and also God did bless me, I started with a network marketing company and for the 1st time in my life I really had the feeling of financial independence, I am loving God and loving men, my list goes on and on.

Now has I stand here ready to enter into a new year, there are 5 truths I am entering the year with and I feel I should share it with the world:

1)      Love God

I know beyond reasonable doubt that to make a difference and a lasting impact in my world, I must continually learn to hear God, trust God and love God. The bible teaches me to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways I should acknowledge God and He would direct my path, it continues by saying that God keeps in perfect peace those whose heart are stayed or focused on Him, it says the Lord secures the portion of those who love Him.

Has I enter into 2010, one thing I can’t forget or let go is to keep trusting, hearing and loving God. That is the foundation for my success. 

2)      Have A Plan

It is a popular saying that he who fails to plan is already planning to fail. Has I enter into 2010, my pen is on my paper drafting out what I want my year to look like. Things I would love to accomplish, places I would love to go, people I would love to meet. I might not know how exactly they will play out but I sure would step out in faith knowing that my number 1 point is fully in place.

Set a course to follow, dream those dreams, see those realities, 2010 is surely filled with possibilities. Thousands will become millionaires, thousands will get married, thousands will have their name go down into history books, where do you want to feature in…have a plan. 

3)      Get Information

This year I have read more books than I have read in my whole life. I have come to learn, unlearn and relearn. I have come to empty my cup and fill it up on a daily basis. I have come to learn that wisdom, knowledge and insight will get you wealth, will protect you and will lead you. The bible teaches buy the truth and sell it not. So has I enter into 2010, one truth I can’t let go is to seek after wisdom, read book, attend seminars, relate with my mentor and wise men, read blogs, search the web, I must get information because readers are leaders and I intend to lead. You? 

4)      Value Relationship

The journey of life I have come to learn is a lonely walk we cannot walk alone. We need people all around us. Like Daniel had a Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, like David had a Jonathan, we all do need good people around us; men who can hold our hands when we are weak, men who can tell us the truth when we are wrong, men who can help sharpen us making us better people. So I has enter 2010, this truth I hold dear, to love and value people more than ever because together we can do anything. 

5)      Be Flexible

Yes, I have come to know that things might not always work out exactly the way I planned them, so one final truth I am entering 2010 with is to be flexible and adaptive. I have come to learn that for me to have a happy new year there must be a happy new me. I want to be able to see the realities of life through the eyes of faith and change or adapt in response to it. Don’t be a stone, don’t be rigid, learn to be flexible, learn to think outside the box and you will discover the beauty of life.

 On a final note, I have made up my mind to call 2010, my year of adventure. I want to meet new people, go to new places, eat new food, explore new industries and terrains, connect with life, be a blessing to my world has my God blesses me, I want to have a great year…what about you? it’s a fresh start, a clean slate, you can achieve all you want to achieve.

 NB: Because I believe we are all learning I would appreciate if you can drop in the comment section, the truths and lessons you are taking with you into 2010…thanks and have a great year ahead.


~ by osideinde adewale on December 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Farewell ’09…”

  1. Toasting to your new adventures! I like your priorities. Nothing tells what a person is made of more than the values and priorities that they hold dear to. May 2010 truly be a breath-taking adventure for you!

  2. it is very grt knwin u hv dis truths 2 kip u goin in 2010.kip 2 them and u ll surely hv an adventurous 2010.may God grant u all ur heart desires.

  3. Great stuff!

    These are powerful lessons, I’m excited about your future… 2010 will usher you to new levels, as you get ready to lose sight of shore you will discover new territories.

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