Do Something

I am typing but still thinking whether I really want to do a post on the state of football in this country. After seeing Samson Siasia’s boys waste a golden chance to head into the quarter final of the Under 20 world cup (waste because they had greater possession than the Germans, waste because they had more goal scoring chances, waste because we had a 1 man advantage, waste because the players were just damn annoying), I think I want to write but I don’t think talking about football alone would be worth my time.

Looking at the state of football in the nation, from the super eagles who we are still hoping that a miracle can happen to earn them a ticket to South Africa 2010 to the flying eagles who we required a calculator to calculate their qualification to the quarter finals and now just headed for the airport after messing up in Egypt to the golden eaglet  who lost 15 players because they lied that they were under 17, I can’t but observe the similarity between the state of our football and the state of our nation.

Like the great book teaches, the oil would always flow from the head downward, so it is clear that in Nigeria that holds true. Our president is obviously sick and that oil has flowed into every sector from sports to power, from education to transport, from foreign affairs to the economy, from politics to health, everything is sick. Even individuals are behaving sick, I mean it is sick to see a man wanting to beat up a pregnant woman because of a sit in a public bus, it is sick to see a man trying to use a cutlass to cut a neighbour in a fight, it is sick to see people curse their fellow citizens for no sensible reason, it is sick to see people ease themselves by the road side and just about anywhere, it is sick to see people dumping refuse on the streets without looking back, God, the list goes on and on.

I really hate having to look at the numerous issues plaguing this country, I wish we all could sleep tonight and wake up to see a new Nigeria with constant electricity, good road network, functional and reliable electoral system, good economy, working health sector, excellent educational facilities and faculties, leaders with integrity, vision and passion for change etc but that obviously cannot and will not happen. Mere looking around makes one wonder what tomorrow holds for our dear nation but I am a strong believer in hope, I believe things can still be right in every sector, I believe we can all see a new Nigeria, I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, I believe in the future of Nigeria.

I believe what we as Nigerians must do is to change ourselves. Nigerians as individuals must get it right, Nigerians as individuals must see this country as ours and do whatever is in our capacity to do to make Nigeria a better place, Nigerians must begin to change because the next president will come from the mass of Nigerians around now and finally Nigerians must pray as only righteousness can exalt a nation, yes we must pray for our president, for every leader in every sector, for  families, for our neighbours  we must pray and not cease to pray until our joy is full.

God bless Nigeria


~ by osideinde adewale on October 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Do Something”

  1. yeah,i’m beginning to see the sense in the “people seeing it right” talk.guess we wouldn’t stop sayin it.i love naija,i no go lie.My team broke my heart,but,they remain my team.
    this is tight.well done worry,in this our country,it gats to be dara.

  2. u said it,tbaks said it,d bible said it:rghteousness exalts a nation,sin is a reproach 2 any people.until each of us change our ways,nigeria has no hope

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