How Do You See It

A new flood is foretold. In five days the rain will be incessant, and the world will be wiped out.

The Dalai Lama addresses the world’s Buddhists and says, ‘’meditate and prepare for your next reincarnation’’.

The Pope holds an audience and tells Catholics ‘’confess your sins and pray’’.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel goes on TV and says, ‘’we have five days to learn to live under water!’’

 I read the above story in a book titled ‘’The Jewish Phenomenon’’ and yes you can add Noah tells the world, ‘’we have five days to build an ark’’. What struck me actually is the various ways that the different religious groups saw the upcoming crisis but my emphasis is not on the religious groups and you can be rest assured the world would not be wiped out in five days (I hope not), my emphasis is on the way the crisis was seen and basically how we has individuals see situations around us whether they are good or bad.

The various things that I believe make us see life situations differently are our upbringing, the environment we were raised, peers/friends, educational background, religious backgrounds, to name a few. The effects that this various systems and structures have in the way we see life cannot be overemphasized. I heard a friend at the university in 2004 argue with 11 other guys that the tallest building in the world is 7 storey. He was convinced because he was raised in a remote part of Nigeria where he had his primary, secondary and now his university education and the tallest building around was 7 storey. I can’t blame him blame him because all that happened because of the environment he was raised and I can also blame him because at 22 years of age, he never took the pains to explore the world around him by reading or by any other means.

We all know the popular story of 2 people, one saw a glass as half full and the other as half empty, either way they are both right and the reason why they went for what they chose has to do with where they are coming from, their cumulative experiences up to that point and their level of ignorance or knowledge. One thing I believe though, no matter your background, it has no reason to affect your foreground negatively. Our past experience has no right to cloud our judgment in the midst of glaring and obvious facts.

I am a network marketer and it baffles me at times how people can say  no to a great opportunity just by hearing the term ‘network marketing’, ‘referral marketing’ or ‘MLM’. People can see a legitimate company with great potentials and still say no. Life is a daring adventure full of its risks and ups and downs, nothing more can better describe it (I believe). I believe experiences should teach us not blind us because a guy/girl broke your heart once does not mean all guys/ladies are that way, the fact that you had/experienced an auto crash once, does not make you say ok, I would trek the rest of my life, the fact that EFCC are chasing after loan defaulters does not mean you should not borrow from banks if need be.

It is important that we see life the right way, I believe we must learn to let go of past experiences when we see an opportunity that can provide a positive one, I believe we can see life holding the best for us and not the worst, I believe we can see life all round soaking in every experience and riding on the wings of the wind. Nigeria is in a terrible shape, yes most things are not working fine but in the midst of it what do you see, is it a great opportunity to shine or to hope for the worse. Obama once said and I quote ‘’there is nothing false about hope’’.

What better time is it right to shine than in darkness, where else can one sing the Lord Song but in a strange land. The Under 17 world cup is coming up soon in Nigeria, what do you see, a time to make profit, make new friends and build  network, to enjoy good football in the comfort of your home or a time to make a protest because of whatever and thereby denting the image we are working so hard to build. Guys, I throw you this question today, how do you see life and its situations, do you see light at the end of the tunnel, are you optimistic or pessimistic, hopeful or in despair, either way it is your choice but choose to always write each day on a brand new page with the privilege to look at the former pages and write the new more daring and more hopeful of what tomorrow brings. Cheers.


~ by osideinde adewale on September 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “How Do You See It”

  1. ***clapping***dat was great…and thotful…i belive d only thing is just praying for d Grace to be Hopeful..and to also see the Positive in situations…cuz a person’s past myt have a serious hold on such person, thus hindering their ability to Hope and B Positive…

  2. a very timely reminder.staying at the very point we messed up isn’t the solution.thank you very much.good job.

  3. I heard it sometimes ago that you look with your eyes and you see with your mind. What you see is what you definitely become. What you see should not be influenced by what is physical around you but what you desire and expect. What makes ppl tired up in the rough part of life?

    Insightful piece, sir!

  4. true talk my brother…perception is everything…..we see with the mental structure of our minds

  5. nice one

  6. “I believe experiences should teach us not blind us”

    “I believe we must learn to let go of past experiences when we see an opportunity that can provide a positive one”

    ‘’there is nothing false about hope’’

    ok.i guess you must be wondering why i quoted almost half your post.i couldn’t resist the temptation is quote-worthy you know.

    i mut admit, you’ve said a large part of what’s been on my mind’s funny how most of us know these things,and yet live the same mediocre lives as those around and ahead of us.however, i sincerely hope those who read this, make a change. i certainly have.

    you said:
    “but choose to always write each day on a brand new page with the privilege to look at the former pages and write the new more daring and more hopeful of what tomorrow brings”

    i agree. and i’ve been doing this a lot lately. doing the things i want to do, leaving nothing unsaid, nothing undone. been daring a lot of things lately, and not cringing back from flying,in fear.and been finding it a lot of fun. hope you’re living the life sha!


  7. Adversity worketh patience, we should learn to see the blessing in our troubled situation or that of Nigeria…

    FG would answer ASUU soon before October 23rd

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