Secret To The Next Level

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Can your life drastically improve in the next one year? Did it, in the last one year? What are you prepared to do differently?

Let’s not fool ourselves, things are not likely to suddenly progress and transform you into success or greatness without doing something you didn’t want to, or think you can do before! Don’t read this mail, don’t take action based on what you read, and I can guarantee your life will continue the way it did before you started. Act however, and you may discover that you have untapped potentials for unique achievement and greatness.

The Foolish buy today, the Wise buy tomorrow based on trends!

I can still remember the hot afternoon of June 6, 1997, under the trees in the Alumni centre of the University of Ibadan, I asked my wife to be, the big question about marriage. It took her almost a year to get back to me. Why?? There was nothing much in that guy back then, if you looked at my shoes or rated my clothes, the answer would have been negative and quicker. Thank God however that our lives don’t stay on pause, we progress, and our progress creates a trend. My wife eventually said yes, but she didn’t buy the present, she bought the future. The foolish insist on current face value, the wise think about seasons down the line. The foolish waits to buy the estate when it’s an estate, the wise buy the estate when it’s a bush and then waits. All the wise wants to see, is the trend. What do you have in your hands that is trending towards a greater future? What you are about to hear, you have heard before… but not this way and not at this level.

Would you like an opportunity to get special treatment?

Imagine that there is an ultramodern international supermarket being erected at Tejuosho. An offer is made to the public for anyone who wants to lease a shop space. Not only do you get this shop space, you also get to become a member of the “Tejuosho international market association”. This leased space and membership means three things.

1. Anytime you have anything to sell, you have an opportunity of selling via your shop and advertise to all other members of the association – FREE.

2. Anytime anybody comes to you to ask for any product, you have an insider deal with all the members of the association to buy at distributor prices and if you want, to resell.

3. The Tejuosho space owners are willing to reward you for telling your friends about the ultramodern shopping mall and getting them to lease a space.

The good thing is, even though your foundational product is the leased space, you have a unique privilege of being able to sell anything else on offer in the shopping mall. Imagine that you sell beverages, and someone approaches you to buy phones, all you need do, is ask them to wait, while your girl… fetches the mobile phone and sells to you at the price you would have gotten it upstairs… but this time, you make a margin.

All your life, you can enjoy an opportunity to buy everything at distributor’s price, and you can determine to be anybody’s distributor.

This shop… is the new face of Holidays and Cash in Nigeria… the trend is real, and today we have over 100 shop spaces filled with goods, and over 18,000 members of the association enjoying all the 3 benefits.

For Real??

Oh yes, for real! You can ask any of the distributors you know to log into the company’s website with their unique passwords, and you’ll see that the estate is beginning to evolve from the bush.

It is fast becoming a solutions city, a growing domain where whatever it is your want or need can be found. We are fast becoming an enlightened company of special elects, our motto is empowering others, our values are L.I.F.E – Love, Integrity, Future Orientation and Excellence and our vision is to have distributors in every family in Nigeria by 2020 and be strategically positioned to replenish the earth and have dominion.

Even becoming more solid…

Is the fact that as distributors of the same international organization, we are getting to for a cooperative together to strengthen the asset base of each other, give our members access to loans for their dreams and creating investment options. We are also taking giant strides of building mini estates branded in our name, and our company is setting out to acquire property and build structures that will last forever… God willing. We are investing in people development, in values entrenchment and in carrying everybody in the team to a desired future.

We are not where we want to be… but we are far from where we were almost 2yrs ago. The network is getting bigger and richer, and only your friend can bring you in. You don’t want to be left out and be in the company of those in the world buying everything at retail prices

Our name could be misleading… and is going to be changed. Only those who can see the future may buy. Let me know if this is it for you!

Kind Regards

More information….mail me on or call 08072690088 and you can meanwhile check out

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Secret To Success

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Have you heard anybody say or maybe you too have said it; if I just can lay my hands on 10 million then I would be able to fund the project I have always been dreaming to start, if only my proposal of 2 million can be granted, then I would launch out big time in business.

Taking a few lines from the great book acres of diamond, it says and I quote

“it makes a person weak to see these little dudes standing around the corners and saying; oh, if I had plenty of capital, how rich I would get. Young man, do you think you are going to get rich on capital? “Certainly”. Well I say, Certainly not”. If your mother has plenty of money, and she will set you up in business, you will “set her up in business” supplying you with capital.

The moment a young man or woman gets more money than he or she has grown to by practical experience, that moment he has gotten a curse. It is no help to a young man or woman to inherit money.”

So what is the real capital we all need to set out in our endeavours and plans you ask, that capital is YOU. The capital you need to start that business, to launch that project or whatever is you. I will break down this by telling you what makes up the “YOU” capital.

1) Relationships

One of the greatest capitals you can ever have in life is your network of friends. Like the usual saying goes “your network determines your networth”. People are a fundamental part of our lives for wherewithal you cannot reach another can. Peter, James and John could never have experienced the transfiguration if Jesus did not take them up with him; simply put there are levels of success we cannot achieve if someone does not take us there or show us the way there, it could be through a book, a song, a movie, a talk or whatever but it takes one to lead and guide another.

We need mentors, friends, acquaintances, we sure need relationships in terms of a wide circle of friends and sure you are on your way to attaining success if you do make use of them because it is one thing to have friends it is another to call and ask for their help. Don’t laminate your friends and people that God has placed around you, maximise them and get the best of them from them and keep moving.

What kind of relationship are you building???

2) Character

Character is defined as the set of qualities that makes somebody distinctive especially somebody’s qualities of mind and feeling. It is the quality that makes somebody interesting or attractive, it is your reputation. Have a great character and you are sure on your part to success.

Your character sums up your integrity, your trustworthiness, your view of life, your sense of judgement, how you relate etc. and all these makes up how you are viewed by others. The saying goes that your “credibility determines your credit value”. If you go to someone to borrow you money, what does he look at, how credible is he, would he return my money. Isn’t it interesting that banks go to people like Donald Trump and the rest of them to loan them money while a lot of the rest would apply and even get turned down, you know why; they trust him and they aren’t sure of you.

How is your character, how credible are you, can you be trusted, what aroma do you send out, good or bad, take note because it determines your capital level in your journey to success.

3) Ideas

They say ideas rule the world. A simple story is told of John Jacob Astor. He came to New York with nothing in his pocket. He then got a mortgage on a millinery store but he could not sell bonnets enough to pay the interest on his money. So he foreclosed that mortgage and went back in partnership with the new owners of the store, he did not give them a dollar of capital. Then he would leave them alone in the store and he went out and sat down on a bench in the park in the shade. What was he doing, as he sat on that bench he was watching the ladies as they went by; and where is the man who would not get rich at that business? As he sat on the bench if a lady passed him with her shoulders back and head up, and looked straight ahead, then he studied her bonnet and by the time she is out of sight, he knew the shape of the frame, the colour of the trimmings and the crinkling in the feather and then he went back to the store to get it made. He did not have a hat or a bonnet in his show window but what some lady liked before it was made up. In no time the millions started rolling in, John Astor didn’t give any money to enter into the partnership but he had a great idea.

What is your big idea? Problems loom in the world around us, from telecommunication to shelter to food to security to waste management etc., all you need to do is provide a solution to a problem, all you have to do is have an idea and the world would beat a path to your footstep.

You sure need to keep seeking knowledge by reading, attending seminars etc. and keeping yourself abreast with the latest development and latest opportunities around you. For what you need is not copper cent, what you do need is common sense.

Farewell ’09…

•December 30, 2009 • 3 Comments

Wow…2009 is finally coming to an end but before it ends I must say that this year has been my best ever. I was privileged to lead an organization, I worked with a group of talented guys to organize a seminar that brought in 9 speakers to O.A.U, Ile Ife and had close to 400 people in attendance, I travelled in a plane for the first time, I met new people and connected better to old friends, got a mentor from whom I have learnt a whole lot, was a blessing to many and also God did bless me, I started with a network marketing company and for the 1st time in my life I really had the feeling of financial independence, I am loving God and loving men, my list goes on and on.

Now has I stand here ready to enter into a new year, there are 5 truths I am entering the year with and I feel I should share it with the world:

1)      Love God

I know beyond reasonable doubt that to make a difference and a lasting impact in my world, I must continually learn to hear God, trust God and love God. The bible teaches me to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding, in all my ways I should acknowledge God and He would direct my path, it continues by saying that God keeps in perfect peace those whose heart are stayed or focused on Him, it says the Lord secures the portion of those who love Him.

Has I enter into 2010, one thing I can’t forget or let go is to keep trusting, hearing and loving God. That is the foundation for my success. 

2)      Have A Plan

It is a popular saying that he who fails to plan is already planning to fail. Has I enter into 2010, my pen is on my paper drafting out what I want my year to look like. Things I would love to accomplish, places I would love to go, people I would love to meet. I might not know how exactly they will play out but I sure would step out in faith knowing that my number 1 point is fully in place.

Set a course to follow, dream those dreams, see those realities, 2010 is surely filled with possibilities. Thousands will become millionaires, thousands will get married, thousands will have their name go down into history books, where do you want to feature in…have a plan. 

3)      Get Information

This year I have read more books than I have read in my whole life. I have come to learn, unlearn and relearn. I have come to empty my cup and fill it up on a daily basis. I have come to learn that wisdom, knowledge and insight will get you wealth, will protect you and will lead you. The bible teaches buy the truth and sell it not. So has I enter into 2010, one truth I can’t let go is to seek after wisdom, read book, attend seminars, relate with my mentor and wise men, read blogs, search the web, I must get information because readers are leaders and I intend to lead. You? 

4)      Value Relationship

The journey of life I have come to learn is a lonely walk we cannot walk alone. We need people all around us. Like Daniel had a Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, like David had a Jonathan, we all do need good people around us; men who can hold our hands when we are weak, men who can tell us the truth when we are wrong, men who can help sharpen us making us better people. So I has enter 2010, this truth I hold dear, to love and value people more than ever because together we can do anything. 

5)      Be Flexible

Yes, I have come to know that things might not always work out exactly the way I planned them, so one final truth I am entering 2010 with is to be flexible and adaptive. I have come to learn that for me to have a happy new year there must be a happy new me. I want to be able to see the realities of life through the eyes of faith and change or adapt in response to it. Don’t be a stone, don’t be rigid, learn to be flexible, learn to think outside the box and you will discover the beauty of life.

 On a final note, I have made up my mind to call 2010, my year of adventure. I want to meet new people, go to new places, eat new food, explore new industries and terrains, connect with life, be a blessing to my world has my God blesses me, I want to have a great year…what about you? it’s a fresh start, a clean slate, you can achieve all you want to achieve.

 NB: Because I believe we are all learning I would appreciate if you can drop in the comment section, the truths and lessons you are taking with you into 2010…thanks and have a great year ahead.

What If…

•October 12, 2009 • 2 Comments

What if you lose your job today, yes I know you just said God forbid and those that lose their jobs daily also say the same hours before they are sacked or retrenched, what happens, with your savings and cash flow today, would you be able to survive and live like you are living now for the next say 1, 2,…, 9 months or a year before you probably get a new job?

What if that person you so much rely on for financial support stops being there probably due to financial constraints on him or sickness or yes God forbid death, that person could be a friend, an uncle, your boss even your parent, what happens to you, would you be able to survive and live like you are living now for the next say 1, 2, …, 9 months or a year before you probably get a new source of cash flow?

I hate painting these horrific pictures but these stuffs are what people face on a daily basis, I have read about a man worth over $1 million in one day and the next day he lost it all, I have a friend whose family was doing well today and the moment they lost their dad, he was in the street because the greedy members of their family sent them packing with their mother, can you imagine the pain, frustration that he would go through. His dreams could be forever shattered, he could be attending the best school today and the next day he is out of it. This applies to students, graduates, workers and everybody who somewhere deep down want more, desire freedom to do what they want to do when they want to it without a boss shouting on their head and a text telling you almost every week that you have not met your target at work. Quite a number of people are jobless now because of the global financial meltdown and these things are not easily predicted or prayed for by anyone.

I believe you can teach yourself how to catch a fish and not always wait for that cool, nice company of yours to pay your salary every month and keeping you just over broke from month to month making you always come back as if there is no other way. I believe you can always achieve freedom especially financially without always waiting for the beginning of a new month to get the next pocket money from your parents as if there is no other way, infact if you can take that away from your parents burden and expenses, they sure would be glad (I believe).


What if you discover an opportunity that can make you $30 – $25,000 weekly, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that can guarantee you passive Income for as long as you live, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that can make you qualify for free 7 days vacations 3 times in a year to an exotic location around the world, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that gives you freedom to do what you want to do, when you want to do it and with whom you want to do it, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that provides you over 200 E – books and software to download for your personal development and use free of charge, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that can give you access to high discount sales on laptops, cameras, inverters and even land, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that can give you your much needed desire to be free, to fire your boss and be your own boss, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that can give you access to online portals where you can make travel bookings on flight, hotel, car hire and cruise reservations worldwide  for yourself, families and friends with a high discount, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you discover an opportunity that can make you help others to achieve their dreams of financial freedom, time freedom and spiritual freedom, would you go for it and grab it?

What if you have an option to do this part time or full time, remember you have the freedom to, would you go for it and grab it?

Just in case you are willing to go for it and grab it, then take the next step by sending a mail to telling me you want to know more or give me a call on +2348052450834 or add me on skype with the id – osideindeadewale.

Looking forward to hearing from you as we together walk the path to freedom because FREE MEN WE ARE AND FREE MEN WE MUST BE…

Do Something

•October 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

I am typing but still thinking whether I really want to do a post on the state of football in this country. After seeing Samson Siasia’s boys waste a golden chance to head into the quarter final of the Under 20 world cup (waste because they had greater possession than the Germans, waste because they had more goal scoring chances, waste because we had a 1 man advantage, waste because the players were just damn annoying), I think I want to write but I don’t think talking about football alone would be worth my time.

Looking at the state of football in the nation, from the super eagles who we are still hoping that a miracle can happen to earn them a ticket to South Africa 2010 to the flying eagles who we required a calculator to calculate their qualification to the quarter finals and now just headed for the airport after messing up in Egypt to the golden eaglet  who lost 15 players because they lied that they were under 17, I can’t but observe the similarity between the state of our football and the state of our nation.

Like the great book teaches, the oil would always flow from the head downward, so it is clear that in Nigeria that holds true. Our president is obviously sick and that oil has flowed into every sector from sports to power, from education to transport, from foreign affairs to the economy, from politics to health, everything is sick. Even individuals are behaving sick, I mean it is sick to see a man wanting to beat up a pregnant woman because of a sit in a public bus, it is sick to see a man trying to use a cutlass to cut a neighbour in a fight, it is sick to see people curse their fellow citizens for no sensible reason, it is sick to see people ease themselves by the road side and just about anywhere, it is sick to see people dumping refuse on the streets without looking back, God, the list goes on and on.

I really hate having to look at the numerous issues plaguing this country, I wish we all could sleep tonight and wake up to see a new Nigeria with constant electricity, good road network, functional and reliable electoral system, good economy, working health sector, excellent educational facilities and faculties, leaders with integrity, vision and passion for change etc but that obviously cannot and will not happen. Mere looking around makes one wonder what tomorrow holds for our dear nation but I am a strong believer in hope, I believe things can still be right in every sector, I believe we can all see a new Nigeria, I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel, I believe in the future of Nigeria.

I believe what we as Nigerians must do is to change ourselves. Nigerians as individuals must get it right, Nigerians as individuals must see this country as ours and do whatever is in our capacity to do to make Nigeria a better place, Nigerians must begin to change because the next president will come from the mass of Nigerians around now and finally Nigerians must pray as only righteousness can exalt a nation, yes we must pray for our president, for every leader in every sector, for  families, for our neighbours  we must pray and not cease to pray until our joy is full.

God bless Nigeria

How Do You See It

•September 4, 2009 • 7 Comments

A new flood is foretold. In five days the rain will be incessant, and the world will be wiped out.

The Dalai Lama addresses the world’s Buddhists and says, ‘’meditate and prepare for your next reincarnation’’.

The Pope holds an audience and tells Catholics ‘’confess your sins and pray’’.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel goes on TV and says, ‘’we have five days to learn to live under water!’’

 I read the above story in a book titled ‘’The Jewish Phenomenon’’ and yes you can add Noah tells the world, ‘’we have five days to build an ark’’. What struck me actually is the various ways that the different religious groups saw the upcoming crisis but my emphasis is not on the religious groups and you can be rest assured the world would not be wiped out in five days (I hope not), my emphasis is on the way the crisis was seen and basically how we has individuals see situations around us whether they are good or bad.

The various things that I believe make us see life situations differently are our upbringing, the environment we were raised, peers/friends, educational background, religious backgrounds, to name a few. The effects that this various systems and structures have in the way we see life cannot be overemphasized. I heard a friend at the university in 2004 argue with 11 other guys that the tallest building in the world is 7 storey. He was convinced because he was raised in a remote part of Nigeria where he had his primary, secondary and now his university education and the tallest building around was 7 storey. I can’t blame him blame him because all that happened because of the environment he was raised and I can also blame him because at 22 years of age, he never took the pains to explore the world around him by reading or by any other means.

We all know the popular story of 2 people, one saw a glass as half full and the other as half empty, either way they are both right and the reason why they went for what they chose has to do with where they are coming from, their cumulative experiences up to that point and their level of ignorance or knowledge. One thing I believe though, no matter your background, it has no reason to affect your foreground negatively. Our past experience has no right to cloud our judgment in the midst of glaring and obvious facts.

I am a network marketer and it baffles me at times how people can say  no to a great opportunity just by hearing the term ‘network marketing’, ‘referral marketing’ or ‘MLM’. People can see a legitimate company with great potentials and still say no. Life is a daring adventure full of its risks and ups and downs, nothing more can better describe it (I believe). I believe experiences should teach us not blind us because a guy/girl broke your heart once does not mean all guys/ladies are that way, the fact that you had/experienced an auto crash once, does not make you say ok, I would trek the rest of my life, the fact that EFCC are chasing after loan defaulters does not mean you should not borrow from banks if need be.

It is important that we see life the right way, I believe we must learn to let go of past experiences when we see an opportunity that can provide a positive one, I believe we can see life holding the best for us and not the worst, I believe we can see life all round soaking in every experience and riding on the wings of the wind. Nigeria is in a terrible shape, yes most things are not working fine but in the midst of it what do you see, is it a great opportunity to shine or to hope for the worse. Obama once said and I quote ‘’there is nothing false about hope’’.

What better time is it right to shine than in darkness, where else can one sing the Lord Song but in a strange land. The Under 17 world cup is coming up soon in Nigeria, what do you see, a time to make profit, make new friends and build  network, to enjoy good football in the comfort of your home or a time to make a protest because of whatever and thereby denting the image we are working so hard to build. Guys, I throw you this question today, how do you see life and its situations, do you see light at the end of the tunnel, are you optimistic or pessimistic, hopeful or in despair, either way it is your choice but choose to always write each day on a brand new page with the privilege to look at the former pages and write the new more daring and more hopeful of what tomorrow brings. Cheers.

ASUU Strike!30 Days!How Far?

•July 26, 2009 • 15 Comments

30 days ago, precisely 24th July, ASUU went on strike and as we speak SSANU and NASU have followed the same path. The case between these 3 bodies and the federal government have put students at home for the past 1 month, no wonder they say when two elephants fight, the grass suffers. In a battle where it is quite difficult to be neutral, I believe it is time Nigerians got talking.

I write this representing no body or organization but expressing my own personal opinion on the state of education in this country. I am in my final semester and if there is anybody that despise this strike it is me but I think I would not pull down a common good for my personal gratification, I would not pull down a fight that has the potential of positively affecting the learning environment that my children would ultimately be a part off.

I thought about which side to support in this crisis and I discovered that certainly it cannot be the federal government, I definitely will not support a federal government that has been lying to the general Nigerian populace for the past 4 weeks, first they said they have met 3 of the 4 requests of ASUU – it was a lie, then they said they have set aside #20.6 billion for ASUU , that also had no ground, then they said IAP( industrial arbitration panel) gave an order that the strike be called off, guys I am still at home, definitely I won’t support a federal government that had its education minister spend millions on a party in the midst of an educational crisis, I won’t support a government that approved #8.3billion for the upgrade of cameras for the under 17 world cup when new ones would cost #6billion, I sure will not support a government (quoting Akpan of Newswatch) that made 18 agreements with ASUU between 1981-2005 and implemented none, a government that allocated #1.3 trillion to settle political office holders in salary and allowances and cannot grant a whole education sector #23.4billion (one third of #76billion), I sure will not support a deaf and dumb government that do not hear the cry of teachers, students, parents and Nigerians.

I don’t know but I doubt if the government actually know the state of education in this country, I am a student and I go to class daily, the system is warped. The same things that were thought in the 70’s and 80’s are still been taught, my department cannot boast of a working 21st century furnace and yet it’s a vital requirement of the course I am studying, students stand and even peep through the window to listen to lecture, bathroom and toilet in the hostel is another story entirely, Covenant university which is a private university recently purchased equipments worth $1 billion and the whole federal university in Nigeria put together cannot boast of that, i thought our president was a lecturer. Lets us not even try to check out the state of public primary and secondary school or else.

Again, I would have thought NANS would respond in a proper manner to this crisis but OMG I was absolutely disappointed reading that the senate president in the person of Smart Adeyemi said that the strike is an handiwork of traumatized members of ASUU, would traumatized people be asking for better funding for the universities, a request that if granted would make available a better learning environment for students, would traumatized people asked for salary increment, a request that if granted would probably make our lecturers more motivated and reduce the frowning, bribery that already exist, I think we need better guys representing we students and speaking for us. A NANS government that supported OBJ’1 3rd term bid and whether by omission or commission awarded Prof Maurice Iwu an award of excellence wasn’t representing me and I can count plenty others that agree with me.

Personally for me, my support would surely tilt towards ASUU, I support the request for better funding, I support salary increase for my lecturers, I support a better working condition. Even though I agree that 26% of the budget going to education could be quite high at this time, yet 2.2% is ridiculously outrageous and I have my doubt on how effectively if granted the funds would be disbursed but still I believe no matter what we need a better system and if everyone takes it upon ourselves to query every kobo then this would be no issue. Also even though I believe the strike approach is not the best way to address the issue with a government that has shown no human feeling but still it is a way. Other ways is for every party concerned to speak up, let we students not just sit at home and complain of boredom, let’s take action, let’s talk, write letters, write blog post, start a movement on facebook, organize peaceful protests, you can be sure they are seeing and reading it and hopefully by our massive outcry, they might respond, let parents speak, let other unions from NLC to ERC continue to show their unflinching support.

We can decide to keep postponing the day to fight but then we would keep having more fights. I think we need to fight this once and for all and avoid repetition of this annoying strike over and over again because as it were ASUU as not yet discovered a better way to address this issue or to get the government attention than to go on strike. With the government stooping so low to using threats that they might invoke the ‘no work, no pay’ option and ASUU absent from the recent meeting called by the minister of Labour, the strike is not looking like it’s going to end tomorrow. So, whoever you are, so far you are a Nigerian who wants the best for our educational sector; parent, lecturer, worker, friend, ally, the time to fight is NOW!

I have a dream that one day we would have a working educational sector with good classrooms, well equipped laboratories, well motivated and paid lecturers, good learning environment, properly funded institutions and so on, I believe there is hope for this nation if only you and I stand to do our part. I am doing mine, are you?